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YOU FARM – Organic Microgreens

Monday, April 1, 2019


Stefan Horbonis


Stephan Horbonis is a farmer and the president of You Farm.  You Farm is a farm that produces organic hydroponic greens, hosts many private farm events and has garden plots designed for those who want to be a part of their communal garden.  You Farm is the realization of a vision for Stefan as a family friendly venue where people can grow their own vegetables in a communal garden and where the community can come together for special events. You Farm distributes fresh organic vegetables to designated You Farm kitchens and restaurants throughout Palm Beach County. Stefan has a warehouse on his property dedicated to hydroponic farming and sells his produce at local green markets. Fresh micro-greens, wheat/barley grass, herbs, sprouts and more are grown on site. Stefan is not only an amazing speaker but he is extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of organic and hydroponic gardening.