Book Donations

wellingtonPublicLibraryWellington Garden Club donated some of our favorite books to the Wellington Branch of the Palm Beach County Library adding to the growing collection of garden books available to the community.

  • Billington, Jill: Really Small Gardens:  A Practical Guide to Gardening in a Truly Small Space
  • Botanica:  The Illustrated A-Z of Over 10,000 Garden Plants
  • Bowman, Daria Price:  For Your Garden:  Paths and Walkways
  • Complete 8-Title Video Series: Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Best Garden Color for Florida
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Easy Gardens for South Florida
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Instant Container Gardens
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Easy Container Gardens
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Easy Container Combos: Vegetables & Flowers
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Container Gardens for Florida
  • Crawford, Pamela:  Stormscaping: Landscaping to Minimize Wind Damage in Florida
  • Darke, Rick:  The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses
  • Dirr, Michael:  Dirr’s Trees and Shrubs for Warm Climates
  • Herwig, Modeste:  Colorful Gardens:  contrast & combine your plants & flowers for spectacular visual effects.
  • Hessayon Dr. D. G:  The Flower Arranging Expert
  • Jenkins, Mary Zua:  National Geographic Guide to America’s Public Gardens
  • May, Barbara D.:  Designs Made Easy
  • McDonald, Elvin:  Gardens of the World:  The Art and Practice of Gardening
  • Moore, Brenda:  Network with Nature
  • Moore, Brenda and Ohlmann, Jean:  The Frightened Frog
  • Moore, Brenda:  The Saved Seed
  • Pridgeon, Alec, ed:  The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
  • Rogers, George, PhD, ed:  Weeds of South Florida
  • Sutherland, Neil:  Step by Step Guide to Creative Patio and Container Gardening
  • Toogood, Alan (Ed-in-Chief):  Plant Propagation
  • Welch, Wm. C:  Antique Roses for the South