Environmental Corner


International Coastal Cleanup

Environmental group, Ocean Conservancy has taken a strong initiative to encourage the people to help keep our oceans and beaches clean.  The second Saturday in September is the annual event for coastal cleanups worldwide.  For the third year in a row, Wellington Garden Club volunteers do their part by organizing a beach cleanup at one of our beautiful beaches in Palm Beach County.

Earth Day

The Village of Wellington began celebrating its first Earth Day in the spring of 2007, as a time to celebrate gains we have made, and to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.  The Wellington Garden Club has participated in the annual Earth Day celebration by hosting a booth, where we display educational exhibits, showcase our activities, recruit new members, and distribute free wildflower seeds and seedlings. This year, our new Mayor Anne Gerwig, President Kathy Siena and Smokey Bear helped plant a new tree at the Village Amphitheater grounds.

National Public Lands Day

Wellington Garden Club and the Village of Wellington have joined hands for the third year in a row on the last Saturday in September to support the community and National Public Lands Day by planting native seedlings, trees and shrubs.  The Scouts, local students, club volunteers and staff help make this a great day.

Florida Federation of Garden Clubs Position Statements

Since 2010 until 2016, FFGC has developed several important position statements on significant environmental and conservation issues that are relevant not only to our club members but also to our communities. All of the position papers are available in pdf format for review on the FFGC website under Policies and Positions.

The Dangers of Plastic Pollution

Learn about the dangers of plastic pollution from our President, Kathy Siena and how it affects our environment, especially our beautiful oceans, beaches and lakes here in South Florida. She has presented her PowerPoint presentation on “The Dangers of Plastic Pollution” to garden clubs, schools, and libraries. Her goal is to further our mission statement by educating our adults and youth on how to respect and protect the environment.


Protect our Pollinators

National Garden Club President Sandra Robinson has a two-year focus to preserve and nurture our Bio-indicators because there is a population decline in amphibian and pollinator species; especially frogs, bees (endangered) and Monarch butterflies. Garden club members can take a pro-active role to help with the decline by participating in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge.  Details can be found on National Garden Club’s website