Around & Abouts for 2018 – 2019

Wellington Garden Club conducts fun and educational treks into both the known and hidden corners of Southeast Florida.  This is also a great time to socialize with friends while wandering through gardens, parks, and preserves as well as gathering for lunch from time to time.  This year we have some great journeys scheduled.  Take a look at the following “Around and About” events and make plans to join in the fun!  We have environmentally friendly carpooling at conveniently located sites on the East and West sides of Wellington. Click for CARPOOL LOCATIONS. Come join us!





  September 13, 2018 Panther Ridge Conservation Center Click to View  
  October 18, 2018 Butterfly World Click to View  
  November 15, 2018 River Lilly Cruise Click to View  
  Now ..March 14, 2019      
  December 6, 2018 Bonnet House Click to View  
  January 17, 2019 Fairchild Botanical Gardens Click to View  
  February 21, 2019 YOU FARM Click to View  
  March 21, 2019 Hippocrates Health Institute Click to View  
  April 11, 2019 Port St Lucie Botanical Garden Click to View