2020 – 2021 Season

♦National Garden Week Celebration

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♦Shredding Event

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♦2021 Plant Sale

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2019-2020 Season

♦Blue Star Marker Ceremony

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♦Fertilizer Sales Fundraiser

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♦Shredding Event

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♦2020 NGC Petite Flower Show

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Click for Article prepared by Twig Morris – “Small World – Giant Success”

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♦2020 Plant Sale

Cancelled due to COVID 19 Pandemic.


2018-2019 Season


“A Once in a Lifetime” Garden Tour

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Click for Slideshow of Tour Photos:  Slideshow (Created by Claudia Smith)

Click for Article:  About Deeridge Farms Gardens

Click Video Link: Peggy Jacobs receives Frederick Law Olmsted Award