2018 Flower Show Photos

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Division I: Horticulture “What’s Your Plant’s SPF?”  includes Sections A to G. Consultant, Susan Hillson.

Division II: Design  “Highs and Lows”  Section A Consultant, Jan Warshauer;  Section B Consultant, Linda DeSanti; Section C Consultant, Barbara May.

Division III: Education “Let’s Protect Our Natural Resources”  Consultant, Kathy Siena.

Division IV: Youth Groups  “Rain or Shine Plant America”  Consultant, Barbara Hadsell

Division V: Botanical Arts  “Before and After The Storm”

                  Artistic Crafts  “All Types of Weather”  Consultants, Carol Lazzarino & Dee Rolfe

                  Photography  “Wet or Dry – Stormy or Hot”   Consultant, Paige Griffin